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Roskilde Universitet
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Dorthe Møller Vedel
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Titel“The Perspectives for a „Hydrogen and Methanol Economy“ for a Sustainable Future Society“
StedBygning 44, Teorirum 44.3-40
Målgruppe1.-3. G
AnsvarligMartin Prechtl
BeskrivelseModern societies need to establish a complementarity for the efficient tomorrow’s chemical energy storage. Electricity storage in large amounts (from wind and solar power plants) is difficult to achieve with metal based batteries (low energy density). Most likely, there will not be a single global solution for the energy conversion and storage, but a diverse portfolio of specific solutions for the local/regional demands. A “Hydrogen and Methanol Economy” may provide a solution, in particular when the electricity derived from wind power is used to produce hydrogen from water which is then used to convert carbon dioxide from air to produce methanol and formaldehyde (>30 megatons/year produced currently from fossil sources). Large H2-amounts could be used for energy storage in the form of hydrogen-rich methanol or formaldehyde hydrate (FAH) for H2-release suitable for H2-fuel cells in stationary/mobile systems. The storage of H2 in C1-molecules offers a competitive alternative to complement other energy storage systems regarding efficiencies and energy content.

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